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Can You Use CBD Oil for Allergies?

January 17, 20205 min read

CBD oil uses span far and wide, and ongoing research serves to push those bounds every day. We already know that CBD effects could include reducing the discomforts of inflammation, anxiety, pain, and more. Many people don’t yet know that CBD oil uses extend even further and that CBD may be useful for one ailment that affects more than50 million peopleeach year in the U.S. alone—allergies.

CBD oil for allergies is becoming increasingly common, probably because allergies cause such a big issue for so many people. In fact, allergies are said to be the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. They come in many forms (like food allergies, asthma, or skin allergies like eczema), and some people are affected by several types of an allergic reaction, both seasonally and year-round. If you are one of these people, you understand the excitement surrounding CBD oil for allergies. Here, we’ll break down the science and talk about how to use CBD oil for combating different types of allergic reactions.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Allergies

If CBD oil for allergies sounds too good to be true, you’ll want to take a look atthis studypublished in the 2005 edition of the Biochemical Journal. The study looks at the immunosuppressive effects of cannabinoids and identifies the important role that cannabinoids, like CBD, may play in the suppression of allergy symptoms. As the study suggests, CB receptors in the body have a direct effect onmast cells,or a migrant cell found in the connective tissue that acts as a part of the immune system. cbd for pets

These mast cells carryhistamines,or compounds involved in the immune system’s response during allergic reactions. # Best Selling CBD DRINKS by Just CBD StoreThese histamines play several roles but are most commonly known as the mediator for an itch response. Histamines are the primary compound involved in allergic reactions, hence the use of “antihistamines” to ease allergy symptoms. According to the study, the activation of certain CB receptors can suppress these mast cells, preventing the release of histamines. For this reason, researchers believe that there is promise in using CBD oil for allergies.

Additionally, CBD may help reduce the onset and discomfort of allergies by reducing the inflammatory response. This is more apparent when looking at how CBD may affect topical allergic reactions, like eczema. Although research is still lacking in this specific area, many people report using CBD to reduce the inflammation, discomfort, and appearance of eczema by applying it topically. Overall, more research is needed to understand the benefits of CBD oil for allergies, but the side effects of CBD are rare and often very mild, so many people who suffer from allergies are willing to give it a shot.

How to Use CBD Oil for Allergies

We still need more evidence to fully understand the benefits of CBD oil for allergies, but there’s no shortage of anecdotal evidence regarding CBD for allergies. Many people intended to use CBD oil for other reasons and found that allergy relief was an added benefit.

One person said that theybegan using CBD oil dailyin hopes of managing anxiety but found a few more benefits he didn’t expect, including improved appetite, sleep quality, and most importantly, allergy management. For this person, CBD’s effects on allergies exceeded all expectations. CBD not only helped manage seasonal allergies but had a positive benefit on his asthma, replacing the need for regular medication. “For once, I can breathe through BOTH my lungs and nostrils during the spring without having to drown myself in cetirizine.” CBD edibles

Of course, with so little research, it’s hard to understand exactly how to use CBD oil for allergies. Based on what we know about CBD oil and how it interacts in the body, we might assume that systemic CBD products are the best choice for managing most allergic reactions. This includes CBD products that are taken orally, since the stem through the entire system. One popular systemic CBD product is aCBD oil tincture, which is dropped under the tongue and then swallowed.

Some allergies, like skin reactions, may respond better toCBD topicals, which can be applied locally. For instance,CBD Healing Balmmay be appropriate for controlling eczema outbreaks. It may even be appropriate to use aCBD topicaland systemic product together, depending on the severity of the allergy or need for CBD. Keep in mind that tinctures can take an hour or so to take full effect because they must be digested, and topicals may take up to 30 minutes.

Another option is using aCBD vape oil, which takes effect instantly due to the way vapor enters the body through blood vessels in the lungs. Many people prefer using a CBD vaporizer for this reason because they can instantly increase their dose if needed, without having to wait too long to monitor effects. Just remember that CBD may help allergies by preventing the release of histamines, which means CBD oil for allergies is more effective when used as a preventative measure instead of a treatment for existing symptoms.

Most importantly, though, you should establish regularity in your CBD routine. This means taking CBD oil every day around the same time. Because Cannabinoids can act as an integral part of the body's immune system, it's necessary to provide some regularity for your body. One easy way to do this, especially when taking CBD oil for allergies, is to take CBD oil in the morning alongside other supplements or with your morning beverage.CBD oil capsulescan make this very easy, especially if you already take other supplements or medications in the morning. Just make sure you understand the possibility ofCBD's interaction with some medications, and talk to your doctor if you plan on replacing prescription medications with Cannabidiol.

CBD Oil Dosage for Allergies

Again, research onCBD dosageis limited, and many people find that the dose needed is very unique to them. This is reasonable since CBD serves to create balance within the body's endocannabinoid system, and every person's system has its own unique composition before taking CBD.

One way to find the best CBD oil dosage for your allergies is to start with low doses and slowly increase your dose every few days. Many people start with doses as low as 1mg per every 10 pounds of body weight. There isn’t much guidance yet on how to dose CBD, so try asking your doctor about a good starting dose. Then, you can increase slowly by 1-5mg every few days until you notice a reduction in allergy symptoms.

Be sure to keep a record of CBD effects as you go so that you and your doctor can reference the effects during every dosage increase. If you begin to experience any adverse reactions, like headaches or nausea, after increasing your dose, you may need to decrease again. The idea is to take the smallest amount of CBD needed to eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) your allergy symptoms.

If you’re ready to get started with CBD for allergies, you and your doctor should have a discussion about which CBD products work best for you, and then you canbuy CBD onlineto get started.

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